Our Team

We are a family run business with a lifetime of experience in keeping, breeding, and caring for many different species, of birds both of the exotic variety, and the more common locally bred varieties. We offer a clean, and welcoming environment within our shop, and are always more than happy to spend time discussing and sharing our knowledge regarding the care of individual species, as well as offer advice about the best birds to keep in different environments and which birds are sociable and which ones are not.


12166500_10152759092382824_792051007_nThe health and well being of our birds is our priority, and we hold all of the necessary licences and authorities from both local and National bodies that govern the keeping and maintaining of a pet shop. We only display and sell birds that are in peak health, and will never knowingly sell a bird that is in anything but excellent condition. We ensure that all of our birds are properly cared for according to their individual needs, and they are kept in the best conditions available. They are kept supplied with the specific food, water, and nutrients that the individual species need on a daily basis. In the rare event that any of our birds show any visible sign of illness or distress they will be removed from display and will be placed in isolation in a specially adapted hospital cage, where they will be treated and observed, and wherever necessary appropriate medical advice will be sought from our registered Veterinary Practice.